Ways to Make a Stimulating Playroom

If space allows, designating one room of your home for your children is a great idea. As much as we love them, there’s no denying that children at play create mess. Giving them a room of their own will not only keep the peace, but it will give your kids freedom to develop their imaginations and, importantly, wear themselves out!

Fun with Themes

As you begin to dream up a theme for your stimulating playroom, don’t forget to take guidance from your own little experts. Children will enjoy being part of the planning stage and help you to personalise the room especially for them. Favourite characters and colours can form the inspiration for your design and help to ensure that the finished project meets with approval all round. By incorporating areas dedicated to different types of play you can effectively divide the playroom into zones. A cosy area with a comfortable chair for story time, away from more chaotic activities, will be the perfect place to calm and soothe at the end of a hectic session.

Colour Crazy

A stimulating design may bring to mind an explosion of colours, but while a bright and colourful space is the aim, it’s important not to go overboard. To create a feeling of comfort, try using cool shades predominantly, with warm colours here and there. Bear in mind too that toys and other play objects will add their own colours to the room, so it’s worth thinking a little strategically with your scheme to avoid an overwhelming feel. Why not consider leaving an area of one wall free for ‘artistic expression’ – this may mean that the other walls in your home less often adorned!

Box Clever

Storage solutions will play a huge part in your playroom design. Just as many adults hate the cluttered look, so will your child. Building in adequate storage space will encourage your little darlings to tidy their own mess, too – one of many habits best begun at a young age! There are some fantastic storage solutions available today, in many colours, shapes and sizes. Consider associating a colour with a particular activity, and aim for maximum visibility and accessibility while making sure that you leave plenty of space free for running around.

Floor It

Creating a playroom spells an easier existence, not only for you and your children, but also for the rest of your home. Elsewhere flooring will finally be at peace, meaning the playroom should be prepared to be punished under foot. Wipe-clean, non-slip vinyl flooring is ideal for a playroom setting. Being durable and easily cleaned, not only is it practical, but it’s gentle on tiny toes and available in a range of colours and patterns. Space permitting, you might choose to vary floor coverings, with something softer in a quieter, more relaxed area.

Material Gains

It goes without saying that when choosing playroom furniture, removable, washable fabrics will make life much easier, with colourful options readily available. Tables and other surfaces too are best kept child-friendly with safety and low maintenance being top of the list. Many retailers sell stimulating, fun-focused furniture for children, making such factors a priority. Why not also try to mix different textures to add interest and inspire the minds of your little ones.

Giving your children the gift of a playroom will benefit the whole family. As well as allowing kids of all ages to express creativity and individuality, the playroom is a place they will always remember, filled with happy memories and times to treasure forever.