Ways to Decorate a Studio Apartment

At one time or another, most of us call a very small space ‘home’. Decorating a studio apartment is certainly a challenge, since all your living space is likely to be situated within one room. By following some interior design tips, it’s easy to make yourself a comfortable home, and if you decorate with imagination, it will seem larger, to boot.

Colour Ways

First things first – choosing your colour scheme is important, since decorating with colour can easily fool the eye into seeing what is not there. Your aim should be to give the illusion of space, so light, neutral colours are best. Wall-to-wall white is not compulsory, but by sticking to lighter shades for the ceiling, walls and flooring, you’ll open up the room immeasurably. If that sounds a little dull, remember that you can add bold splashes of colour very effectively with accessories and soft furnishings.

A Grand Plan

Before you shop for furniture, take some time to plan your decorating. Small though your space may be, it’s good to have an idea of what will happen, where. For example, if you work from home, where will you put a desk in relation to your other necessities? Start by sketching your ideas on paper – this way it will soon become clear that you need more or less furniture than you first thought. Importantly, leave space to move around the room! This sounds obvious, but you should aim to create a space that flows easily, meaning you and your visitors won’t need to dodge around your decor.

Functional Fits

In a small studio apartment it makes sense that every item you buy should serve a purpose. If it does not, leave it. There are so many stylish designs on offer featuring great built-in storage, that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Think beyond the obvious and look for clever pieces that will conceal anything from bedding to boyfriends! Any measures you can take to reduce clutter will give the effect of space. Look for dual purpose items too – a blanket box might cut quite a dash as a coffee table, for example. Be imaginative!

Get in Shape

Where furnishings are concerned, try to stick to wide, geometric shapes in soft, light shades, leaving a little floor space to peep out beneath. Tactics like this will help to lengthen your room, as well as showing as much of your flooring as possible, allowing light to move freely. It goes without saying that small is beautiful when you decorate a studio apartment, so shop wisely and measure furniture against your plan, and try not to place pieces against every wall. If you have space for a table, choose one made from glass to open up the room.

Window Dresser

In order to capture as much natural light as possible, opt for blinds rather than curtains, in light colours. The less material you have around the window area, the better, as this will close up the room. Sheer fabrics are the perfect choice, allowing daylight to shine through in style.

Be Wise – Accessorise

As the icing on your studio’s cake, decorating with accessories can work big miracles in a small space. Your aim should be to reflect light and also create focal areas of interest. Add colour with accessories so that your otherwise neutral room will not seem bland. Choose pieces made from glass or metallics to bounce light around the apartment and trick the eye into seeing more space than is really there. Strategically placed mirrors are a fantastic way of making best use of available light and space, experiment with positioning and see what works well.

However small, decorating a home of your own is something to be enjoyed. Your apartment may be petite, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be big on style.