Ways to Decorate an Internal Bathroom

Something of an interior design sin, internal bathrooms certainly receive some bad press. Being increasingly common in new-build properties, bathrooms without natural light can present a real style challenge, with the worst feeling dark, airless and claustrophobic. If that sounds familiar, it’s time to decorate. With a bit of love and imagination, you can overcome the negatives and create a beautiful bathroom.

The Sky’s the Limit

It goes without saying that the main design issue in an internal bathroom is lack of natural light and ventilation. While a good extractor fan will solve the latter problem, where light is concerned, there are a few more points to consider. If your budget and space will allow, it’s worth exploring the variety of natural light solutions available. Though it may not be something you’ve considered, fitting a vertical light tube will effectively channel daylight into your room, making this a very popular solution.

Light Fantastic

If natural lighting is really not an option, there are still many ways to decorate a beautiful bathroom style. Artificial lighting is a powerful interior design tool, with the ability to seemingly enlarge or minimize space. The lighting option for you will depend on the effect you wish to achieve, but a great way to really brighten up a dark bathroom is to fit recessed lighting. Being tucked away inside your ceiling, recessed or spot lights make a great space-saving option, distributing light evenly throughout your bathroom.

Shady Secrets

To make the most of your lighting, think about decorating with soft shades that reflect and bounce light around the room. Clearly stark, migraine-inducing brightness is not going to win any style awards, but by introducing a gentle colour, such as a soft green, you’ll be creating a calming scheme. If you believe you bathe better in a white bathroom, why not consider laying darker flooring to balance your design.

Shine On

Bathroom tiles are a great way to introduce reflection and light into a dark space. Teamed with a simple white bathroom suite, you can decorate with tiles to introduce colour and texture. Consider a mosaic effect to add interest, again keeping colours light and soft so that light is reflected, rather than absorbed. A glass shower screen, rather than a curtain, will add to the overall effect, as will polished bathroom fittings. Mirrors will be your best friend, but use them strategically along one wall, rather than all around the bathroom. Aim for simple style to avoid an overpowering look.

Living Colour

Although the limited light in an internal bathroom will narrow your choice, by adding plants you’ll give the room life and energy. Seek out varieties that can survive darker conditions and, to give them a fighting chance, try to allow as much light as possible into the bathroom during the day.

As in any room, your final but important step should be to remove clutter from your bathroom, storing it neatly out of sight. Make room for some bright, cheerful accessories and invest in some coordinating towels. The bathroom is probably the first and last room you visit every day, so however you decide to decorate yours, make sure it shows you in your best light!