Using a Professional Bathroom Planner

With most bathrooms being in quite small rooms you may think that there’s only one layout that will work and there won’t be anything that a bathroom planner can offer you. But it’s something worth considering, even if your bathroom is small, because they may be aware of arrangements and products that can be used to give you a bathroom design that makes best use of space and fits your needs.

Considering a Bathroom Planner

Of course, using an independent bathroom planner is going to cost money, so if you’re doing a bathroom design on a tight budget you’re unlikely to consider it. You are more likely to take advantage of the free planning services that are offered by bathroom and DIY shops and other outlets (see below).

If you do hire an independent bathroom planner you need to be sure that you will get value for money. It may be something that you would only consider if your current bathroom design doesn’t work and you cannot arrive at a better design and use of the space on your own. A good bathroom planner will not only look at the bathroom but also talk to you about what you want, how you use bathrooms at the moment and what problems you are looking to solve.

Different Bathroom Design Ideas for Different Situations

For example, if you have a family with a number of growing children it might be wise to split off the toilet into a separate room with a small basin. You would lose some space but children could then go to the loo immediately instead of waiting for the bathroom to become free.

An active professional couple without children, on the other hand, might be happy to give up the traditional bathroom suite and have a glamorous and spacious wet room instead. Things like this can’t be decided if there’s no dialogue, so if you engage a bathroom planner who only looks at the room and doesn’t quiz you about your needs, your money is likely to be wasted.

Finding a Bathroom Planner

The major problem with bathroom planners is that, apart from at the very top end of the market, there are virtually none that are independent. You might find an interior designer or interior architect who would design a bathroom but that would be unusual too, they are more likely to do it as part of an overall house design.

Bathroom planners are nearly always tied to a supplier and fitter of bathroom suites and furniture, and quite often kitchens as well. This means that they will plan a bathroom for you and look at what bathroom suites and furniture will fit in it, but they will only use the products that they supply and fit.

Doing the Rounds of the Suppliers and Retailers

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but you need to be aware of the restriction. It also means that if you want to have an independent opinion, or try a different supplier’s bathroom suites or furniture, you will have to go and visit a number of different shops and go though the planning rigmarole with each one.

However, if you think the services of a bathroom planner will allow you to get the best use of space in your bathroom, and you are on a budget that doesn’t cover an independent planner, then perhaps going round a few shops and going through your bathroom design a number of times isn’t a bad idea. You will find that different people have will bring different ideas to the table and perhaps it will help you to crystallise your ideas about bathroom design too.