Tips for Improving Your Home Decor on the Cheap

There comes a time when we all feel fed up with our home decor and want a new look. This can be difficult if you have only a small budget, or if you rent your home and don’t want to decorate your landlord’s pocket! We take a look at some ideas to help you breathe new life into your home decor while staying in the black.

Cook Up a Look

We all know we can repaint walls or replace kitchen cupboard fronts, and while that will bring a quick and easy new look, it’s not always possible. Another way to update your kitchen space cheaply and superficially is to update its colour scheme, bringing in new utensils and storage jars in the colours and styles you like. Funky new cookware will also add a splash of colour, as will new appliances if you wish to spend a little more. Think about changing the floor, too, adding inexpensive but durable vinyl to co-ordinate with the other features of the room.

Splish, Splash

In the bathroom the obvious cheap update is to change colours and fittings, but you’d be surprised how a simple deep clean can brighten up the room. If you’d rather not change them altogether, clearing mould from grouting will breathe new life into your wall tiles, bringing renewed sparkle and shine. Under foot, think about laying new flooring to eliminate old stains and grime, and complete your bathroom refresh with a new toilet seat and linens.

For Floor

Carpets and other flooring need not be replaced if that’s not an option for you. Instead, clean floors thoroughly and add rugs to update colour schemes and bring new texture to your home. If you can, give wooden flooring some tender loving with a sand and polish to bring out the natural character of the wood. Ceramic tiles can become cracked and dull with time, so replace damaged tiles and pay attention to grouting where dirt can build up.

Storage Solutions

One of the best ways to update your home decor cheaply is to clear away unused and unloved possessions where they can’t gather dust and clutter up your home style. The number of people adopting apartment living has given rise to some incredibly innovative storage systems for use in every room. From kitchen cupboard racks to modular bedroom storage, there’s no longer any excuse for mess and disorganisation. Time putting things away is well spent and makes a really big difference to the way your home looks, and improves your wellbeing.

Art Attack

Update home decor with a splash of colour by adding pieces of art and mirrors to walls. This is a great way to put your personal stamp on your home in a temporary, inexpensive way. Why not blow up your own photos for an even cheaper way to add character and interest to walls?

Bedroom Blues

Eliminate bedroom blues with new bedding to bring a whole new look to your sleeping space. Sumptuous fabrics, colours and textures add a touch of luxury to a bedroom and provide an instant update. With even supermarkets now producing bedroom linens, there’s no excuse for settling for second best.

The great thing about home interior decorating is that everyone can make a difference to their homes, however big or small the budget. A little creativity costs nothing!