Superior Bathroom Fittings

If you have the money to spare on top notch bathroom fittings the effect you can create is nothing short of dramatic. Moving just one step up the bathroom accessories ladder from the normal fittings available in DIY shops will bring you into a world of luxury bathrooms where just the look, as much as anything else, can just take your breath away.

Get the Design Right to Avoid Bathroom Disaster

And it’s not just about the bathroom suites and accessories, the whole design and decoration of the bathroom can contribute to the style too. The key to getting your bathroom to look as though a designer has had a field day in there is to blend bathroom fittings, accessories and decor together into one seamless design.

This can be a tricky thing to get right. For many people the idea of a luxury bathroom is to throw on the bling with gold taps and other bathroom accessories with over the top tiles and a Jacuzzi bath. You have to be a top designer to pull off style like that without it going over the top and becoming completely cheesy.

Designer Bathroom Fittings for Contemporary Style

Going for a designer bathroom means that you can have something that very few other people will have as there aren’t that many well known bathroom designers anyway. Searching the Internet will turn up a couple of different options but they do all tend to be contemporary in feel, quite Spartan, although dramatic, and tending toward the minimalist look, which might not work with a young family.

Apart from anything else there’s a trend in contemporary and minimalist bathroom fittings to not use any colours or labels to indicate which way to turn the beautifully sculpted monobloc basin tap unit to get hot or cold water. That’s not something you need when there are children running around who could easily be scalded.

Luxury Means Quality Bathroom Fittings Too

Of course you might be after superior bathroom fittings for quality in manufacture and finish rather than a different look. Cheap taps are more likely to drip earlier on in their life and if they have ceramic discs then you have to replace the whole tap. More expensive ceramic disc taps have the valves in a cartridge which can be replaced rather than the whole tap.

Earlier tap designs had replaceable and re-sealable washers so that although they might leak, they could at least be fixed rather than having to be thrown away. Many luxury bathroom taps retain this older technology which is also more resistant to bad treatment, so more suitable for families.

Look at Tiles for Luxury and Style

Moving away from the bathroom fittings for a moment, tiles are one area where it quite easy to spend an absolute fortune, although there are budget alternatives too. One aspect of luxury tiles is that you tend to get different shapes and sizes that don’t appear in the budget ranges, so if you can afford to do the whole bathroom in tiles like that you can get a very different look.

If you’re not that rich, by sticking to more conventional sizes and going for a luxurious colour or finish, you can create a luxury look by slipping more expensive tiles into a wall at occasional points, getting a hint of luxury without having to break the bank.