Stylish Storage Solutions: How to Conceal Clutter

However large your living space, a cluttered interior will not look or feel homely. In order to show your interior decoration at its best, it’s essential that rooms are well ordered with practical yet stylish storage solutions.

Elegant storage choices are widely available for every room of your house, so if things are beginning to get on top of you and your family, it’s time to take a look at what’s on offer.

Kitchen Crisis

By the time our various gadgets are lined up on top of work surfaces there’s often very little space left to work with. While stylish glass jars and trendy tins will take care of your foodstuffs, it’s beneath the surface that storage solutions get exciting.

One of the most innovative ways to improve cupboard space is to build in pull-out storage. Even your ironing board can be stowed in this fashion, a huge win, especially for small spaces.

Carousels and cupboard corner containers would have even gadget-mad 007 green with envy. One touch of the kitchen cupboard door, and out come tardis-like racks which slide effortlessly back into place. Stacking shelf systems are also a great idea for kitchen cupboards, nooks and crannies, their organised nature meaning you’ll be able to maximise use of any space.

Bathroom Bother

Our bathrooms are magnets for clutter and dust, as beautifully filled pots and bowls quickly become dirty and watermarked. If you would rather have all your morning mayhem out of sight, investigate some of the chic bathroom cabinet designs available. Whatever your style of bathroom, there will be a cabinet for you.

Alternatively, if the lived in look is more to your taste, coloured glass bottles will inject style into your shampoo, and metal racks will bring sanity to your soap, their suckers adhering firmly to bathroom surfaces.

With room to spare, vertical shelving is a great way to display stylish towels and accessories without encroaching on bathroom space, with seagrass or wicker baskets adding a homely, cosy feel.

A Littered Living Room

With so much family time spent in the living room, it’s no surprise that mess and muddle rule the roost. Happily, help is at hand. Sideboards and shelving units no longer have that dated look, and some are designed to make a real feature in your living room. Floating shelves, not attached to the wall, add flexibility and by combining shapes, sizes and even colours, it’s easy to create just about any design imaginable.

Also invaluable are pieces with built-in drawers or shelving, and it’s simple to find coffee tables, TV benches, sofas, and more with these handy features. Again, there is no need to compromise on style, with even budget retailers now producing fantastically creative furniture. On trend need not mean off limits!

Wardrobe Worries

Bedrooms can easily become victims of clutter, from lotions and potions, to coffee cups and clothing – you name it – it’s probably suffocating a bedroom surface near you. Especially in modern apartments, bedroom and closet storage can be surprisingly inadequate, with the depth of some wardrobes meaning they struggle to accommodate even a suit jacket.

Beyond the traditional wardrobe are some great innovations, from rails that pull down, to sliding racks designed to house shoes. Additionally, for cheaper, foldable storage you yourself can insert, try your nearest department store.

Bedroom Bedlam

The space under most beds is an invaluable contribution to household storage. It’s amazing how much can be stowed away, but glimpses of chaos beneath the corners of your duvet will give the game away.

To create a cleaner look, opt for a bed with drawers beneath, the perfect for out of season clothing, extra bedding and just about anything else you need to secrete. Some beds will even provide you with a hidden away bedside table that slides out to hold your morning cup of tea. If you’re packing away clothing, look for vacuum sealable bags that magically shrink your items down to an easily concealable size.

However you settle your storage score, you can be sure that cutting down on clutter will transform your haphazard home into a stylish space to be.