Stylish Christmas Decorating

Christmas decorating is a very personal matter, often incorporating items that have been wheeled out year after year during the month of December. This festive season, whether you plan to go for the haphazard, anything goes look, or a meticulously planned stylish theme, there are ways that we can all make a design difference this Christmas.

House of Cards

Christmas card displays, though delightfully festive, can present something of a style challenge. Different shapes, sizes, pattern, colours; you name it, that quintessential seasonal sending is lovely to receive but it can leave your living room looking less than elegant. If you’ve spent Christmas after Christmas picking up cards that have been knocked on to the floor by the slightest breeze, it may be time to explore some less stressful options. One quirky way to present a mish-mash of designs is to slip them underneath a glass table top, forming a Christmas card collage. For those exceptionally beautiful cards, why not make a feature by pegging them to a tastefully arranged collection of twigs, either artificial or real. A look like this, whether in a vase or on a mantel, will add chic style to your home. Other ideas include threading ribbon through each card in a hanging display, or create mini themes by grouping similar cards together around the room.

Window Dresser

If you are not a fan of DIY paper snowflakes, or spray-on snow that refuses to budge way into the New Year, windows can get left out of Christmas decorating altogether. Fortunately there are other, more creative options at hand. Many of us find ourselves with more decorations than any Christmas tree can hold, but with a little imagination, left over items can make an attractive window display. Hung from pretty lengths of ribbon or brocade, those that reflect the light work best. Think glass, sequins and all things shiny, and work with a colour theme for a stylish look that can be seen from outside too. Small groups of decorations or single pieces will make a particularly interesting window feature.

Outside In

For a cosy, natural look, take a winter walk outside and gather some inspirational pieces from Mother Nature. Mix traditional with contemporary by arranging foliage inside glass containers, perhaps lit with translucent fairy lights. This look works particularly well with pinecones and similar chunky objects, think oranges and even a variety of nuts. No Christmas decor should be complete without holly or eucalyptus branches tastefully adorning the features of your living room, with the smell from pine needles permeating the whole house. For an even more homely feel, and an entirely personal look, why not bake your Christmas decorations made from biscuits? This is not only a great way to get the kids involved, it’s also very credit-crunch friendly!

Light Fantastic

Candles are a beautiful way to light up your home during the Christmas period. From small groups of tea lights to alter candles, this cosy, elegant look is easy to achieve and also simple to combine with other decorative touches. Think scattered glass beads and festive foliage, or classic hurricane lamps filled with tiny pinecones.

Creating a stylish and cosy Christmas is an interior decorating project that the whole family can enjoy, so while the mulled wine is flowing this year, why not turn your festive fun into a family affair.