Quick Tips: Accessorising Your Kitchen

A newly decorated kitchen looks and feels fabulous, but you might feel yours is lacking those finishing touches. Accessories will complete and enhance your kitchen’s look, whatever style you’ve chosen. From country to contemporary, or minimalist to modernist, take your inspiration from our great ideas.

Contain The Clutter

A great way to keep your shiny new kitchen looking fabulous is to keep clutter to a minimum. Half empty cereal boxes and an old wooden mug tree will not make a stylish kitchen! Instead, invest in attractive jars or containers to complement your kitchen’s style. If you prefer, and you have the space, use cupboards to conceal foodstuffs and crockery. Just make sure that what is on display is presented stylishly.

Herbal Tea

Fresh herbs make a beautiful addition to any kitchen, bringing colour and aroma to the room. When you need to clear your mind, pick a basil leaf and breathe in its soothing scent – herbs aren’t just for cooking! Be innovative with your planting by using unconventional display containers. Recycle clean food cans and glass jars for an imaginative and individual look.

Great Gadgets

In a contemporary kitchen you might have an array of gadgets over and above the traditional kettle and toaster. These items are now created in a range of colours and finishes and it’s relatively simple to choose those which bring unity to your kitchen’s style. A shabby old toaster will let your look down, so if you can, allow room in your budget to buy quality gadgets and appliances that will do your kitchen proud.

Art Attack

Beyond a coat of paint, many people forget to accessorise the walls of their kitchens. Look for pieces of art, however cheap or expensive, to complement the colours elsewhere in the room and mount them strategically so that they enhance your hard work. It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money, and you’ll be surprised at the difference a couple of well-chosen pieces can make to an otherwise plain kitchen.

Feeling Fruity

Depending on your kitchen’s style, a bright colourful bowl of fruit can look great. If you have a country kitchen a fruit bowl will make a great finishing touch on a table, but there are many other types of containers that will suit your look. From banana hooks to brightly coloured bowls, keeping some fresh fruit to hand adds colour and might get you a little nearer to that five a day goal!

Love Linens

Raggy old tea towels have no place in your sparkly new kitchen! Buy new ones to co-ordinate or contrast with the colours in the room and take the opportunity to purge all those old ones that seem to somehow mount up in our homes. Washing up utensils can be handily and stylishly stored, so avoid the temptation to leave cloths in a damp unhygienic heap.

As with any room’s decor, accessories are the icing on the cake and can make or break a new look. Draw the fine line between complementary and cluttered, and you’ll be well on your way to a cool kitchen.