Quick Guide: What's New in Interior Decorating?

The global recession is touching everything and everyone in some way, and home interior decorating is no exception. Depleted disposable income and the need to improve rather than move means that where interior decor is concerned we’re all thinking more carefully before we make any significant decisions. Here’s our quick guide to what’s changing in home interior decorating.

Staying Put

The UK housing market has been in a sorry state for a while now and all indications suggest that it will remain that way for some time to come. Only those who have no choice but to move are entering the market, with the rest of us battening down the hatches and making do with what we have. One major trend in home interior decorating is that of developing what we have, whether that’s extending to add to the lifetime of our homes, or refurbishing to make the familiar feel new once again.

Make and Do

Gone are the television programmes telling us how to buy and sell houses, and in their place we are now seeing an increase in the number of home interior decorating shows teaching us how to customise reclaimed or antique items. The message is clear – recycling old or reclaimed pieces is cheaper and more satisfying than buying new. Breathing new life into old goods is a great way to add individual touches to your home without busting your budget, so get crafty and creative next time your home needs a new look.

Spoilt for Choice

With everyday life putting pressure on our pockets there is an increasing trend against buying multiple cheap and cheerful items in favour of splashing out on fewer, higher quality pieces designed to last for longer. From soft furnishings to decorative items, more and more of us are putting the emphasis on quality over quantity. Marrying with the fact that many of us are choosing to stay put rather than move, it’s clear that we’re spending the money we might have allocated to a move on superior pieces designed to embellish our current surroundings.

Why DIY?

Many of us now find we can’t afford to hire painters and decorators, never mind pay for interior design advice. The result is that as a nation we’re turning into do-it-yourself experts, saving money on labour costs by rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. Whether this will translate into a rise in the number of bank holiday hospital visits remains to be seen, but it’s very likely that DIY disaster stories will be on the increase!

However deeply you’ve been affected by the economic downturn it’s always possible to make the best of what you have. Budget stores sell good quality materials and furnishings – perfect for those of us who would rather not give up food for a beautiful home! Customising is set to become big business, so why not have a rummage in your attic and get a head start with one of the year’s fastest-growing trends. Spend a lot, or nothing at all – the best way to keep up with what’s new in home interior decorating is to make your own rules. Cut your cloth to fit your circumstances.