Popular Bathroom Styles

If you are planning to update the bathroom in your home but need a little inspiration to get you started, take a look at these popular bathroom styles. Whether you choose to mix, match or create a look all of your own, our guide to what’s hot will get your ideas flowing.

Tropical Trends

For a bathroom experience straight off the shores of the Indian Ocean, why not create a spa style room? Achieving this look is simple but the finished result will have a great ‘wow’ factor. A neutral, calming colour scheme, with a whirlpool bath and rainfall shower will give you the mainstay of the spa look. Accessorise with scented candles, natural storage containers and luxury toiletries to complete your spa style, together with sumptuous linens in complementing colours.

Minimalist Matters

Creating a minimalist look gives you lots of room for individuality and expression. Opt for smooth lines and curves in contemporary materials and, for a truly minimalist look, monochrome colours. The key to minimalism is the absence of any clutter, so discreet built in storage is a must. Clever recessed lighting will really show off this style, but don’t necessarily confined it to the ceiling. In creating this look, remember that the addition is in the subtraction, and think simplicity.

Splish, Splash

Thanks to luxury hotels and holiday resorts, the idea of a wet room is becoming more and more popular; though it takes very careful planning and implementation to avoid disaster. Essentially a watertight container, a wet room bathroom must have good drainage and ventilation and be completely leak-proof. The shower is usually the focus of a wet room, so choose one that looks great as a focal point, and shop around for stunning tiles for walls and floor.

Period Pleasure

The appeal of a Victorian bathroom is in the detail. If you love this look, seek out a beautiful clawfoot bath and, for real authenticity, an old-fashioned pull chain toilet cistern. Walls should be richly coloured – think deep purples, reds and blues; while a black and white tiled floor adds genuine Victorian charm. The Victorian bathroom is truly a place to relax and soak away stresses and strains, so add wall candles for a romantic, sensual feel.

Lavatorial Luxury

Whether your home is new, listed or something in between, a contemporary luxury bathroom will be the perfect addition. Gadgets are the key – think flat screen television, remote controlled bath and shower and mood lighting to soothe you as you splash. High quality fittings are a must, and the bigger your budget, the more fun you can have. Twin vanity areas will put an end to bathroom queues, and it’s just as well – with a look this luxurious, you may never want to leave.

Many of us view the bathroom as a necessity, when a decadent and beautiful space is so simple to create. Whatever the style throughout the rest of your home, the bathroom is a place where you can really let your imagination and creativity flow freely. A little inspiration goes a long way.