No Expense Spared: Luxury Decor

If you’re lucky enough to have a big budget for your home interior decorating, or you’re wondering what you could buy if you did, take a look at some of these no expense spared ways to bring your home into the Noughties.

On Fire

A contemporary hole in the wall fireplace makes an amazing focal point in a room, bringing the perfect mix of function and form. Available in a range of materials, a hole in the wall fireplace may not be cheap but it’s an oh-so-stylish way to keep warm this winter. You’ll love the way it looks and your man will be blown away by the technology, which comes complete with remote control operation. If you’ve got money to burn, put one of these on your shopping list.

On the Hob

If you have a spare £3000 in your back pocket for a new kitchen stove, an Aga is the perfect purchase. Nothing says luxury like an Aga, bringing style and warmth to your home. With two huge ovens, a high-speed hotplate and a range of colour choices, the latest deluxe models are a bank breaking culinary way to show the neighbours that your careers are going really, really well. A range oven like this might just take the sting out of being stuck in the kitchen at parties.

Off the Wall

Beautiful contemporary wall coverings are available at a reasonable price, but if you want to paper your place with something really special, go for luxury materials and textures. Silks, metallics and natural materials like grasses are all high on the list of deluxe wall coverings, making a stunning feature in your home. Try leather for a warm and opulent look, or go for hand-crafted gold leaf to make a precious metal statement your friends will love.


There’s a lot to love about luxury flooring, whatever your preferred look and feel. For carpet lovers why not choose a design made from a beautiful wool and silk mix. If you’re looking for something a bit more eye catching, go for marble pebbles or one of the latest vinyl styles, available in a multitude of designs. For a warm, welcoming look there’s no substitute for solid wood, its natural graining adding character to any room. Natural coverings continue to make a great sustainable impact in the smartest homes – why not consider sisal or coir for a hardwearing but stunning look.

Time for Bed

For a luxury lie in, choose the finest Egyptian cotton bed linen. The brand to look for is Frette, the celeb bed linen of choice. The beautiful designs and quality thread count will have you sleeping like a baby – if you can forget about the price!

If money is no object there’s a lot of fun to be had with home interior decorating. With a big budget to blow, why not enlist the help of an interior designer to help you find your way around the finer things in life. You’ll end up with a home the rest of us can only dream about!