What's New in Home Interior Decorating?

If you’re thinking of celebrating springtime with a new look for your home you might be wondering what sort of look to create. From colour and texture to pattern and material, bring your home bang up to date with our guide to what’s hot in interior design for the year ahead.

Make and Do

Where materials are concerned it’s no surprise that the eco-friendly theme continues, with buzz words sustainable and natural the order of the day. From utilitarian reclaimed metals to recycled woods, 2010 materials are all about breathing new life into old. Probably a reflection on our recessionary times, this design theme has taken on a style all of its own – it’s no longer just about being kind to the environment.

Curl Up; Get Comfy

It’s always interesting to note the ways in which external factors influence interior design trends. With many of us tightening our belts in the face of rising prices and soaring unemployment, staying has become the new going out. Look out for a return to slouchy, cosy seating that cradles and comforts us and keeps us safe from the big bad world outside. Think big, all enveloping sofas and chairs in warm, soft fabrics, perfect for cuddling up to your loved one for a great night in.

Rule Britannia

This year, look out for lots of patriotic patterns in interior decorating themes. Red, white and blue is everywhere, with the Union Jack proudly adorning everything from cushions and mugs to wall hangings and clothing. This year we’re all going to be proud to be British and our homes will show it.

Colour Ways

In turbulent times it’s no surprise that interior decorating reflects our desire for peace, calm and happiness. Colour has a huge influence on mood – think about how the azure blue of the ocean makes you feel when you’re on holiday, or the way a fresh green lawn contrasted against a bright blue English sky puts a spring in your step. Blues and turquoises will be popular this year, bringing a soothing and welcoming look to our homes. Neutrals will also continue to be big news, working well with sustainable and reclaimed materials.

Touchy Feely

Texture will be big news this year as interior designers discover more and more unusual materials to create key looks for our homes. From metallic and wood wall coverings to flooring made from different woods and grasses, we’ll be touching, stroking and poking all over our homes. You can have some real fun with textures and patterns, so be bold and experiment to create an individual and contemporary style.

The best way to get a feel for what’s going to be big in interior design is to visit some of the big annual interiors exhibitions that run up and down the country. With the newest looks, materials and colours all under one roof, you’ll return home with hundreds of ideas for your home. It’s important not to get too hung up on the latest trends, though. Shop for your home as you would for your body – follow fashion but keep comfort in mind.]