Making the Most of a Hallway Space

As the place where we meet and greet guests, family and friends, your hallway is the one space in your home seen by everyone. Whether you fancy a new look, or you’re considering putting your house on the market, create a hall you can have pride in and set expectations high from the moment you open your front door.

Dream Up

Many of us forget that the hallway is effectively another room in our home, and consequently we tend to neglect this space when decorating. Being a sort of ‘shop window’ for the rest of your home, it’s important to stamp your own personality on this small but so often used area. Before you dream up a design solution, think about what you seek to achieve and what your hallway should say about you and your home.

Lighten Up

Many homes, apartments particularly, have dark hallway spaces with little or no natural light, presenting a real decorating challenge. When visiting someone else’s home, somehow it seems that no matter how light and airy the rest of the space, a gloomy hall is the feature we remember. Although it sounds obvious, decorating your hall in a light colour will really make a difference, opening up the space and giving it a roomier feel. It’s well worth making sure you utilise a wipe-clean paper or paint for such a high traffic area so that any everyday scuffs or marks don’t spoil your look. Another tip is to strategically place a tall lamp to provide a light source with a point of interest, and take advantage of the marvellous light reflecting effect conjured by well placed mirrors.

Open Up

Try to avoid making your hallway into a dumping ground for everyday items. Shoes, coats, paperwork or rubbish bags waiting to go out will dramatically reduce your available space and cause frustration to boot. Instead, take advantage of some stylish storage solutions to conceal the clutter while still giving character to your hall. If built in storage is scarce in your home, explore smart shelving units and baskets, both of which will keep you organised while still offering a way to display interest. Again, clever use of mirrors will be a great way to create the effect of space and light.

Put Up

A great way to inject personality into a hallway is to create a focal point. Placing a relevant piece of furniture, a chair, or coat stand, for example, will allow you to work with your own personal look and provide a point of interest. In terms of style, why not go for something bold and colourful? Placing a chair in a hallway is a great idea, giving family and visitors a comfortable place to remove shoes or just enjoy the space. Remember to leave seating free of paperwork and keep clutter at bay! As all women know, a hallway mirror ensures that you open your door to the world with your best face forward, but also consider hanging pictures or collections of photos here so that they can be enjoyed by waiting visitors.

Touch Up

Finishing touches are a must for a hallway to keep it looking inviting and fresh. A vase of beautiful fresh flowers will not only scent the space, but will provide a warm, bright welcome to visitors. If you can, open adjoining doors to let light flood the hall and open up your home. Armed with these tips and tricks, your hallway really will become a room in its own right.