Kitchen Storage Ideas

Here in the Fun Ideas section of this site we’re always looking out for fun and creative ideas at all sorts of gimmicks and gadgets that can help with kitchen storage.

The odd thing is that often these gadgets look like really good ideas until you get them home and realise that either they don’t actually work as they should, and you could achieve the same thing with a cornflakes packet and some sticky-backed plastic. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer, debunk some of these gadgets, but give credit that those that can work.

Tiered Shelf Steps

These look like a great idea. The steps are tiered steps, each tier about an inch in height, that you put on a shelf or in a cupboard. Each row of cans or jars placed on the steps is then raised slightly higher than the row in front. The idea is that you can then see what’s on the middle and back rows without having to root through all the cans and jars in the front.

They can work well in the right situation but can be problems. The first is that it only really works if you can remember what the top inch of every can or jar looks like. The second is that you have to move the front and middle rows to get the right product out, unless you are tall enough to reach over. Thirdly you’ll realise that you could probably make the same thing yourself out of a few bits of wood.

Overdoor Storage Racks

There are many different versions of these plastic-coated or chrome wire shelves which hook over a door and use the otherwise wasted space just behind it. They can take a variety of different sized packets and products and look like a great idea.

To be fair they can work really well in many situations but there are several things that need to be considered if they are to work properly. Firstly make sure you measure the width of your door and compare it with the measurements given for the product. If the product doesn’t have these measurements, keep your cash in your pocket.

Two More Points about Storage Racks

Secondly make sure that there is enough clearance behind the door for it to open with the shelves in place. If not there will be accidents when people walk into the room as they open the door and it doesn’t go back as far as they are used to and springs back in their faces.

Thirdly make sure there is some mechanism to hold the bottom of the shelf unit to the door. If there isn’t it will rattle and bang as the door opens and closes. Some people have actually found that they work better if they are fixed to a wall and there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as there is a space big enough.

Protectors for Non-Stick Pans

These brightly coloured plastic washable ‘things’ look like large flattened asterisks. They are designed to fit in between non-stick pans when you stack them to prevent each pan from scratching the non-stick layer of the pan below it. These get our thumbs up for people who haven’t got enough cupboard space to put all their pans out separately.

Have Fun!

So there are just a few ideas of gimmicks and gadgets than can help resolve your kitchen storage problems. They will all work well in the right circumstances but just take a step back and make sure they are right for you before you fork out any cash.