Quick Tips: Accessorising Your Kitchen

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A newly decorated kitchen looks and feels fabulous, but you might feel yours is lacking those finishing touches. Accessories will complete and enhance your kitchen’s look, whatever style you’ve chosen. From country to contemporary, or minimalist to modernist, take your inspiration from our great ideas. Contain The Clutter A great [...]

Create a Child-Friendly Bathroom

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If your child is at that curious and increasingly independent age, you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure your home is a safe, healthy environment. Along with the kitchen, bathrooms pose perhaps the greatest risks to a child’s health, particularly if your house has family medications, lotions [...]

Just for Fun: Weird and Wonderful Bathrooms

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While the bathroom is undoubtedly a great place to let your creative flair run wild, these weird and wonderful examples really do win prizes for plain bizarre. From tropical delight to functional thinking, the world’s bathrooms range from beautiful to beastly. Wonderful Wossy Recent events mean that Jonathan Ross might [...]

Just for Fun – Kitchens Through the Ages

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Take a look around your (not so) state of the art kitchen. Fed up of the dodgy fridge door and those stains you just can’t get off the hob? It’s hard to imagine life before the modern kitchen, so just for fun, we take a look back through the ages. [...]

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