Kitchen Colour Schemes

There are lots of great ways you can create a new kitchen colour scheme, from decorating the walls, to replacing cupboards fronts and accessories. Your colour scheme should fit the way you live with your space. We take a look at some popular kitchen colours to help you cook up your cool new look.

Fit for Purpose

Before you spend a small fortune on paint or paper think about the amount of time you spend in your kitchen and what you use it for. If you use it as a space for relaxation and entertaining you want to create a welcoming, warm look. On the other hand, if you simply cook and clean in your kitchen you can afford to be a more flexible with your colour scheme.

Bright and Bold

Add a bit of fun and drama to your kitchen with strong, bold colours designed to inspire you and keep you alert. Vibrant colours will add impact and interest to any shape or size of kitchen, though if yours is small you may want to think about adding your bright colour to one wall or area of the room.

And, Relax

Many of us are now lucky enough to live with eat-in kitchens where we can relax with the family and entertain friends. In this case it’s a good idea to opt for a calmer, more soothing colour scheme that will invite you to linger and savour your meals. Neutral tones and natural colours are perfect for creating a welcoming environment, and if you feel you need a splash of something you can add interest through accessories and utensils.

Changing Times

Some of us always seem to be decorating and changing rooms around, and if that sounds like you, why not choose calmer colours that you can easily jazz up with accessories. There’s nothing worse than hating the colour scheme you live with, so this is a good way of keeping your kitchen style fluid. It’s much cheaper and easier to change your accessories than your colour scheme.

Man at Work

If you’re lucky enough to live in a family where the man does the lion’s share of the cooking, don’t put him off. Encourage this rare behaviour by introducing a more masculine colour scheme that won’t frighten him back onto the sofa. Blacks and greys are easy to bring into a kitchen through work surfaces, floors and appliances. It may not appeal to your feminine side, but that’s no bad thing as long as the meals keep coming!

Touch and Go

It’s not all about colour – think about texture, too. The natural grain of wooden work surfaces seems to bring warmth to a kitchen, while light ceramic tiles under foot can appear to bring the temperature down. Thinking about colour and texture hand in hand will really enhance your decorating – in every room of the house.

Thankfully there are lots of ways to create a kitchen colour scheme, and nowadays you don’t have to worry that ugly appliances will ruin your look. Modern washing machines, fridges and cookers are available in a rainbow of shades, so there’s bound to be one that blends in perfectly with your great new recipe.