The Free Kitchen: A Case Study

By |2010-11-04T00:00:00+00:00November 4, 2010|Kitchen Case Studies|

The idea of spending thousands of pounds on a new kitchen for someone else's house seems mad but that's what Terry and Christine Dixon* were on the verge of doing before luck dealt them a good hand. "We moved into this house two-and-a-half years ago," said Christine, "it's a very [...]

How We Kitted Out Our Student Kitchen: A Case Study

By |2009-09-18T00:00:00+00:00September 18, 2009|Kitchen Case Studies|

Leaving home for the first time bound for university is filled with unknowns and it may also be the first time you’ve had to cook and cater for yourself. Knowing how to cook is a great skill to have, particularly when you’re trying to make new friends. With a bit [...]

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