Keeping Your Kitchen and Bathroom Looking New

If you’ve recently given your kitchen or bathroom a facelift you’ll be keen to keep it looking in tip-top condition. Daily use will inevitably take its toll on these high traffic areas but with our useful guide you can get ahead and retain that sensational new look.

Counter Attack

Kitchen work tops take quite some punishment from a family’s daily use. The key is to buy the best quality you can afford – it’s no secret that a granite work surface will age much more gracefully than a laminate equivalent. If your surfaces are made from solid wood or granite, making sure you give them a little daily TLC will pay dividends. As a general rule use boards for chopping and cutting and clean up any spills immediately. Ensure you clean with only mild detergents and follow manufacturer instructions for preserving wood tops with oil or wax.

In Sink

Kitchen and bathroom sinks are bespattered daily with toothpaste, hard water and all manner of corrosive food deposits, like fruit acids. Get into the habit of giving your sinks a quick once over with warm soapy water every time you use them to prevent limescale build up and staining. Stainless steel sinks and taps are particularly unsightly if limescale is allowed to take hold, so dry them down and if necessary use lemon or white vinegar to remove deposits. Just make sure you don’t use anything too harsh and test a small area before you begin your assault.

Bath Time

Baths and showers can quickly look grubby and tired. Yes, you’d think they would clean themselves, but they don’t! Glass shower doors will benefit from being dried after each shower to prevent water marks, and once a week use a limescale deterrent so that they stay clean and clear. Enamel or plastic baths can be quite delicate so use a mild detergent here and rinse after use. A fantastic way to shift really stubborn stains is with biological washing powder. Simply run your bath and throw in a couple of scoops then leave overnight.

Toilet Habits

No-one likes to clean the toilet but a daily once over will ultimately save you a very dirty job. Some people swear by unorthodox cleaning materials like Coca Cola or denture cleaner, but you could make a great job with some disposable wipes and household bleach. If you use a toilet brush be aware that it can be a real germ trap, so soak it in bleach after cleaning.

Under Toe

Floors are easy to neglect but regular vacuuming and a weekly clean with detergent will keep them shiny and bacteria-free. Make sure you wipe up any spills straight away to prevent staining and stop family members from walking dirt from room to room.

Science Appliance

Get into the habit of cleaning the inside of your washing machine, particularly the detergent drawer. Take a look – you might be surprised how dirty it looks. Also maintain cleanliness around your fridge and freezer, taking care to wipe down doors or cupboard fronts often. Cooking spills and grease can quickly build up on vertical surfaces, too.

The trick to preserving a beautiful kitchen or bathroom is to keep cleaning regular, and to ensure you adhere to any special maintenance routine. A little elbow grease will go a very long way!