Great Living Room Seating Ideas

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If you are thinking of refreshing the living room in your home why not include a seating upgrade in your plans? A great place to begin creating a new look, modern living room seating is flexible and multipurpose. If your sofa’s so over, take a look at these alternative ideas [...]

Not a Good Time to Move? Improve…

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If the severity of the economic crisis has taken you by surprise, like millions of others, you might be rethinking any plans to move home. Although it’s going to be a while before confidence returns to the housing market, happily there are steps you can take in the meantime to [...]

Decorating a Temporary Home

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If you’ve rented your home your landlord might have placed restrictions on how you can decorate (if at all), or maybe you’re just not keen to spend time, money and effort on jazzing up someone else’s property! Either way, there are things you can do to bring your own style [...]

How to Make a Dark Space Appear Lighter

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Most of us have at least one area in our home that, no matter what time of day, seems dark and gloomy. Even those rooms with a natural light source can look a little dismal on a grey day. Luckily there are a number of simple decorating tricks at hand [...]

How to Use Colour to Improve a Winter Mood

By |2021-05-25T22:29:47+00:00November 5, 2008|Interior Decorating Creative Solutions|

The fact that colour can dramatically influence our moods is generally confirmed by decorators and doctors alike. With the nights drawing in and days becoming darker, you may find dark clouds gathering inside your home, as well as out. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a widely linked to the lack [...]

Stylish Storage Solutions: How to Conceal Clutter

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However large your living space, a cluttered interior will not look or feel homely. In order to show your interior decoration at its best, it’s essential that rooms are well ordered with practical yet stylish storage solutions. Elegant storage choices are widely available for every room of your house, so [...]

Making the Most of a Hallway Space

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As the place where we meet and greet guests, family and friends, your hallway is the one space in your home seen by everyone. Whether you fancy a new look, or you’re considering putting your house on the market, create a hall you can have pride in and set expectations [...]

How to Update a Tired Bathroom

By |2021-05-25T22:29:47+00:00November 3, 2008|Interior Decorating Creative Solutions|

Your bathroom is likely to be the first and last room you see every day before getting up or retiring to bed. There’s nothing more depressing than living with a bathroom that looks and feels like it’s seen better days, but for many, the cost of refitting is prohibitive. Fortunately, [...]

How to Create an Expensive Home Look on a Budget

By |2021-05-25T22:29:46+00:00October 29, 2008|Interior Decorating Creative Solutions|

With the world going credit crunch crazy many of us have had to slash costs within our homes just to make ends meet. Happily for the budget interior decorator, there are many ways to create a stylish, expensive look for very little outlay. We are all familiar with retailers selling [...]

How to Make a Small Space Appear Larger

By |2021-05-25T22:29:45+00:00October 28, 2008|Interior Decorating Creative Solutions|

With a few easy decorating tips, living in a small space need not feel claustrophobic. Stop the walls closing in on your small room by boxing clever with colour, size and shape. Wall Around When decorating the walls of a small room it makes sense to use lighter, softer colours [...]

How to Create a Calming Colour Scheme

By |2021-05-25T22:29:45+00:00October 27, 2008|Interior Decorating Creative Solutions|

Whether or not you are new to interior design, working with colour can feel daunting. Many amateur decorators stick to ‘safe’ neutral shades through fear or lack of confidence, when following a just few simple rules can be the key to creating a stunning new look. Once you learn how [...]

How to Update a Tired Kitchen

By |2021-05-25T22:29:44+00:00October 23, 2008|Interior Decorating Creative Solutions|

Like it or loathe it, we all tend to spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen, and there’s nothing worse than watching yours date before your very eyes. Kitchens can really show their age, but thankfully in these tough economic times, ripping it all out and starting again [...]

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