How We Organised Our Junk Room: A Case Study

Having just stepped on to the property ladder Simon and Louise are a typical professional couple living in a chic two bedroom executive apartment. Though the space is beautiful and fulfils their everyday needs, the pair found that their second bedroom quickly became a dumping ground for everything that didn’t fit anywhere else.

Organised Chaos

“Although we adore our cosy little apartment, there’s no escaping the fact that it’s small, and it was inevitable that the spare room was going to end up being the place we stored everything, from laundry and DVDs to paperwork and visiting friends!” explains Louise.

Without the benefit of loft space or outside storage, Simon and Louise needed to conquer their clutter, and fast.

Sweet Dreams

“We often have friends to stay at weekends, but there’s just no space for a bed in the spare room, not alongside the computer desk, laundry drying rack and existing storage cabinets. We even have a clothes rail to house, as the wardrobes are typically small for a new build,” says Simon.

A sofa bed was the obvious option and the couple managed to find one with a hollow storage space within the base of the unit. “It’s great,” says Louise “we can stow away all our smaller items, whether inside the chair or, when visitors stay with us, beneath the bed.”

Office Politics

It’s not uncommon for Simon to work from home so it was essential for the couple to make room for a work area. To overcome the lack of space Simon tracked down a corner desk which fits neatly into a small area of the room but still affords him enough room to be productive. “I also found some innovative wall-hung racks to hold paperwork and files,” says Louise, “they mean that we’ve been able to free up lots of space by getting rid of the additional filing cabinets that held Simon’s work and household documents.”

Cabinet Meeting

In order to expand wardrobe space Simon and Louise purchased a tall mirrored cabinet complete with shelves to stow shoes, out of season clothing and treasured possessions. “It’s really useful and looks so stylish,” Louise explains, “the door’s full length mirror is invaluable to me and no-one will ever need to know what chaos lurks behind it!”

Wash and Go

“Without a garden or a balcony we have no choice but to dry our clothes inside, and the tumble dryer just isn’t an economical option” says Simon. Foldaway drying racks mean that the couple can hide away any trace of washing when guests come to stay, and as Louise points out “at least the flat always smells of lovely clean clothes!”

Most of us have one room in our homes that acts as an overflow for all the others. While there’s a certain inevitability about this, it’s relatively simple to find simple storage pieces that marry function with form. Whatever disorganisation lurks within the drawers and behind cupboard doors, a few well chosen items will ensure that your spare room goes from junk to just right.