How to Make a Dark Space Appear LighterMost of us have at least one area in our home that, no matter what time of day, seems dark and gloomy. Even those rooms with a natural light source can look a little dismal on a grey day. Luckily there are a number of simple decorating tricks at hand to help lighten up even the shadiest of spaces.

Wall Good

Perhaps the easiest way to brighten up a dark space is to decorate using light paint colours or wallpapers. Wall to wall white is not your only option, there are plenty of paler shades that will have a similar brightening effect but won’t be quite as stark. Try to test colours on a large area of the wall, experimenting with bright and pale shades, and live with them for a few days. In this time make sure you view your chosen hues at different times of day to see how they are affected by any natural light present.

For Floor

It goes without saying that light coloured flooring will work hand in hand with your walls to create a brighter effect. Reflective surfaces are a great idea too, so for the wood look, explore laminate or vinyl designs in beech or birch, or for something completely different, take a look at the fantastic choice of vinyl finishes and colours available, both designer and high street.

Light On

Whether or not your room benefits from much natural brightness, some clever lighting solutions will soon illuminate a dark space. Make the most of existing lighting by adding pale shades to lamps, and try dressing windows with minimalist blinds rather than curtains. Recessed lighting will distribute brightness throughout the room, while uplighters will bounce it off the ceiling to great effect.

Fancy Dress

Furnishings and accessories are key in brightening up a dark space. Seek out white or light coloured furniture, and, to avoid a clinical look, place objects to add splashes of vibrant colour to your room. Reflective or iridescent materials, like glass or metallics will work perfectly with your lighting effects to add a touch of sparkle or shimmer. Strategically placed mirrors can transform the look of a room by opening up the space and giving the illusion of light and colour where there it is lacking.

Order Restorer

A cluttered space will darken and close in on even the lightest room, so in order to get off on the light foot, ensure you incorporate sufficient storage, and use it! Try not cram too much furniture into a dark area. A few well-placed items will make for a cleaner look and leave room for light to flow freely. The more clear space you can see between objects, the better the overall effect.

Following these simple tips means living with a dark room need not dim your mood. Taking some time to be imaginative with your decorating solutions will make a dramatic difference to a shady space, creating a warmer and more welcoming place to be. Fresh flowers will make the perfect finishing touch, adding life and light to your new look. So, get inspired, throw some light on the subject and transform your home today.