How to Have Fun with Wallcoverings

Wallcoverings have seen something of a decorating revival in recent years, making room for some incredible designs and innovative materials. If you can conceive it, it’s probably out there somewhere waiting to be discovered, so if you haven’t taken a look at wallpaper lately, it’s definitely time to get on a roll.

Nature’s Way

For a stunning and environmentally friendly style in your home, wallcoverings made from natural fibres make the perfect choice. Made from sustainable materials, these beautiful designs are manufactured from bamboo, cork and hemp, to name a few. Papers like these will add texture and depth to your home, and their soft, natural colours will create a calming, welcoming style. In a room with a natural look, bring the outside in by covering a feature wall with a natural fibre paper which complements existing colours.

A Little Luxury

Designer wallpapers bring unashamed opulence to a home, with budget-busting vibrant colours and oh-so-elegant patterns. High street alternatives make for cheaper decorating and can look just as fantastic, but if it’s extravagance you crave, take a look at some indulgent velvet flock designs – just right for a feature wall or hallway where you can afford to make a striking statement.

Reflection Perfection

If your decorating demands a touch of glamour, take a look at some of the more extraordinary wallcoverings on offer. Chic and spectacular, explore exciting designs made from real sea shells and glass beading, creating a range of styles, from tropical paradise to Arabian nights. Whatever your passion, the chances are there’s a wallpaper design that encapsulates it perfectly. Light-reflecting designs will look fantastic with some clever lighting to really show them off.


For a truly weird but wonderful wallpaper, those made using precious metals are hard to beat. Not easy on the pocket, these designs use gold, silver, copper and more, to produce decadent wallcoverings that beg to be touched, screaming luxury from every wall. These materials create an array of arresting colours and textures, with a cost per metre to match, and should be teamed with great lighting for an alluring look.

Magnificent Murals

Mural designs will take your breath away, their detail and sheer creativity producing an incredible effect. A mural will transform a wall into just about anything you want – be that a holiday beach paradise or a city scene. Choosing an ‘off the shelf’ mural design means you can hang it yourself in several sections, but calling in the professionals might be the best way forward for such a dramatic new look. However you achieve it, by decorating with a mural, you will be sure to create quite a talking point.

Being inspired is the first step towards decorating a stunning look for your home, and where wallcoverings are concerned, love them or loathe them, you will be sure to find ideas that easily translate into real-life walls. As happens in the fashion world, designer papers are often given a more liveable look once they hit the high street, meaning you can create that designer style, for less.