How to Create a Work-Friendly Student Bedroom

Whether the student in your life will work at home or away, a comfortable, ordered environment will be the most conducive to great grades. Most study bedrooms are small, but space-saving storage and clever decorating will help to open up the space and give a student’s mind room to grow.

Creative Colour

It is widely believed that colour has a profound effect on the mind, influencing mood and motivation. To help focus on work, excellent colours for a student bedroom include softer, lighter shades, which calm the mind and make a room seem larger. Blues and greens make good choices. To boost creative thought, try brighter colours which act to energise our brains, stimulating thought and action. Bear in mind that a bedroom should be a relaxing space, so try to confine any brighter shades to the study area of the room.

Desk to Impress

The most essential pieces of furniture for a student bedroom, it’s important to shop wisely for a desk and chair, particularly if long periods of time will be spent hard at work. To avoid postural complaints, select a chair suitable for the average length of working time, and make sure that it will fit easily around the desk and any other items of furniture. Desks of all shapes, sizes and colours are on offer from many retailers, meaning you need not blow the budget, or all the available space. Investigate cheaper brands for attractive and colourful designs.

Super Storage

Storage is the students’ friend, especially if being at college or university means living and working in the same room. The chances are the room is already fit to burst, filled with electronic gadgetry and enough clothes to last every day of a three-year degree course. Smart storage solutions will make a student bedroom seem infinitely larger, so look for clever items with built-in stowage space. A bed with drawers beneath will be a great start, and look for vertical shelving units so that student life grows upwards rather than all over the floor.

More Floor

Student days and nights tend to be long, and at some point it will probably be necessary to work away until that deadline is firmly met. If, for the student you know and love, this means working through snacks, drinks and even meals, it’s likely that a carpet will suffer punishment before long. For a low maintenance look that also serves to open up a small space, choose laminate or vinyl flooring in a light colour. Easily cleaned, a laminate floor will look as good as new with every vacuum, while carpet might begin to show the strain.

However you, or the student in your family decide to decorate, make sure comfort comes first. If that part of the project doesn’t get an ‘A’ grade, health, work and sanity will surely suffer as a result. Inject some fun and personality into the bedroom and ensure that when the studying is done, work is put away neatly so that student life can go on.