How to Create a Stylish Home Office

Not only are many of us now working from home on a daily basis, but our families too, increasingly need space for homework, everyday administration, or study. Whether you are lucky enough to have a dedicated home office, or some snatched space elsewhere in your home, it’s vital that your working environment is motivating and practical. A good place to begin the design of your home office is to carefully consider its use. If you need space for guests, ensure you build that into your plan at the outset, and think about the impression you want to convey.

Colour Print

Many of us underestimate the effect that colour has on the mind. If you spend all day, every day working in your home office, it’s likely that you’ll need to make best use of colour to stay concentrated and motivated. If you find yourself day dreaming or feeling stressed, try softer shades which will calm your mind and keep you focused. Stronger, brighter hues serve to energise us, stimulating the brain, being ideal for creative types. Colour can spell the difference between walking, or crawling into your home office – make yours welcoming and stylish, with favourite shades included in your scheme.

Style Guide

Once you’ve decided on an inspiring colour scheme, consider the style of your office space. Do you seek a country house study look, or something more contemporary? Whatever your preference, make sure your desk and chair are positioned correctly for your posture. While you can be free to have fun with design, it’s critical to get these basic points right, for the sake of your health. For additional decorative items try searching antique shops to create a traditional environment, or trawl the Internet for some ultra modern pieces to dress and impress your office.

Storage Settings

Adequate and aesthetically pleasing space to store files, technology and paperwork is vital to keep productivity up and insanity down. Look for shelving that you can build upwards, rather than outwards, particularly if your office space has a dual purpose within the home. Vertical storage will prevent your office from creeping out of control. With the continuing explosion in home working it’s easy enough to find a smart desk and trendy chair these days, but what’s not so simple is finding an office solution for a small space that you can store away at the end of the day, behind a stylish cupboard front. If a modern furniture store doesn’t do the trick, it’s worth enlisting the help of someone who can produce a solution to meet your exact requirements.

When you design your own stylish home office, don’t compromise on comfort or looks if you can help it. Working in your own home means the division between home and work life can become blurred, and the chances are, you’ll spend more time in your home office than you would in a traditional office location. For many of us it’s essential that at some point in the day we can close the door on our jobs. Use these tips to make your space work for you, from nine to five, and beyond.