How to Create a Moroccan Theme

A treat for the eyes and the senses, Moroccan decor is beautiful, if not for the faint-hearted. Whether you decide take a little inspiration from a Moroccan style, or adopt it fully and go for sensory overload, you’ll certainly create a look that says you’ve travelled!

Colour Rich

With a Moroccan theme, rich, exotic colours are key. Break away from neutrals and instead get cosy with sumptuous, warm shades of red, orange, gold or purple. Once you’ve been brave and chosen a paint or paper for your walls, it’s time to turn your attention to the ceiling, door frame and skirting. With a Moroccan theme, white won’t do! To coordinate the entire room, select a complementary colour to complete the basis for your design.

Magic Carpet

Your existing flooring will stick out like a sore thumb in a Moroccan themed room, so bring it into line with a rich gold or brown carpet and pick a shade that complements the other colours in the room. Authentic mosaics might be a step too far, but it’s easy to create an equally realistic African style with a touch of luxury, using rugs that match your colour scheme.

Dark Pleasure

For a truly Moroccan feel, look for furniture made from dark wood. Coupled with the sensuous colour scheme elsewhere in your room, wood furniture will add opulence and authenticity to your design. If you struggle to source the intricately carved pieces that are key to this look, take a look in antique shops and see if there are any pieces you can customise. Budget in mind, think about adapting existing furniture where you can, making it over using paints and stains.

Mystery Tour

Accessories are where the fun starts with a Moroccan theme. Keep in mind that this look should evoke excess, exotica and embellishment, so don’t hold back. Materials to look for include coloured glass, silks, beaded fabrics and rich metallics. Think plentiful cushions to add depth and texture, and a mixture of textures and fabrics to hint at mystery. Curtains should be long and luxurious, flowing down to the floor and defying restraint.

Be Enlightened

Your stunning Moroccan theme will easily be ruined with harsh lighting. Aim for low, soft light to marry with the sensual, mysterious style of the room. Candles are a great way to achieve the perfect look, especially when placed in containers made from coloured glass. Place them throughout the room for a warm, welcoming feel.

Sensual Scent

No Moroccan room would be complete without a little something for all five senses. With some authentic-sounding low music and a gentle hint of rich incense, your look will be almost complete. If, as a final finishing touch, you can track down some small, bejewelled glasses; you’ll be ready to receive your guests with a delicious serving of mint tea.

Your household might not be ready to wholeheartedly embrace a Moroccan theme, but by dipping into the style and taking the elements that suit, you’ll still be creating a lovely touch of luxury, with influences from Africa, Arabia, Europe and beyond.