How to Create a Luxury Bathroom

Taking inspiration from stylish hotels, creating a luxury bathroom makes for a fantastic project. Whatever a luxury bathroom means to you, be it large and light or dark and sensual, this is a time to let your imagination run free. We’ll give you a few ideas to help make your perfect bathroom space.

Wall to Wall

The walls of your luxury bathroom are no place for peeling paper or dingy paint. For a really opulent, expensive look, why not opt for marble tiles? Polished marble’s depth and texture will bring a sparkling, grand look to the room and you could choose to extend the same material to your floor or counter tops, too. If you seek to reproduce the style of a luxury hotel bathroom, polished marble will help to get you halfway to your goal.

Under Foot

Heated bathroom flooring is a decadent must for cold winter mornings. Ditch that worn out bathroom carpet and think smooth, reflective materials, like sumptuous black granite or textured limestone. Adding light-reflecting surfaces in your bathroom will give the space a real sense of extravagance. Lighter colours will help to enlarge the room while darker shades will create a feeling of sanctuary and warmth.

Water Baby

Out with the conventional, cramped shower tray and in with a spacious open cubicle complete with recessed shower head. If you share your bathroom with a partner opt for twin vanity areas that give you a sink all to yourself. A luxury bathroom is not about queuing up to brush your teeth. Baths are capacious and don’t have to be traditionally shaped. Whether yours is a stone island or a stylish spa, you’ll never again want to rush bath time.

Finishing Touch

Your luxury bathroom deserves perfect accessories, so don’t even think about throwing in that greying old robe or threadbare towels. This high-end haven requires the finest attention to detail, so take a look at the huge range of accessories available and choose those that complement the colours and materials throughout the room. Sumptuous fabrics and warm, glossy woods spring to mind.

Technical Toys

Aside from the standard fixtures and fittings you’ll need in your luxury bathroom, there are some optional extras that will add the wow factor you seek. Think home entertainment, perhaps an LCD television that appears at the touch of a button as if from nowhere; or mood-enhancing lighting that you can change to suit the tone of your day.

Design Your Dream

Hopefully we’ve given you some food for thought. When you’re ready to put your luxury bathroom plan into action it’s a great idea to consult an architect or designer to ensure you get just the look you want. An expert will be able to tell you what will work, and more importantly what won’t. It’s so easy to make simple mistakes or overlook details with the DIY approach, so unless you know you have the skill and the eye for design, leave it to the professionals.

Some say a bathroom can sell a property by itself but we think you’ll want to keep your luxury bathroom all to yourself.