How to Create a Feature Wall

Creating a feature wall in your home is a great way to brighten up an otherwise neutral colour scheme, or draw attention to a particular feature. Making a bold statement on just one wall means you can really let your imagination run wild, so get inspired with a few easy options.

Paint Job

The easiest way to create a feature wall is to give it a fresh coat of paint, in a colour that contrasts to the rest of your room. Choose your wall carefully – what is it that you seek to highlight? Walls with fireplaces or other interesting aspects make great candidates for feature walls, the paint serving to enhance existing character. It’s wise to test your colours thoroughly, leaving a few days before you make your choice. Remember a feature wall should be a thing of beauty, and not something you live to regret!

Paper Chase

Wallpapering an entire room in a gorgeous designer print may be cost prohibitive, but when your decorating is confined to just one wall, you can really go to town. There are some stunning designer prints available, combining rich colour and touchable texture to give a truly luxurious look. Again, with only one wall in the frame, you can opt for striking patterns and colours that may overpower on all four walls. Complimentary test swatches will help you to achieve your ideal style.

Wall Right

Rather excitingly, wall coverings no longer begin and end with paint and paper. A quick browse around the internet will soon unearth the most fantastic contemporary materials that will really get your guests gossiping. Beautiful natural coverings made from lemongrass or bamboo will change the look of a room entirely, bringing a dash of oh-so-tropical relaxation to the indoors. Alternatively opt for opulent silk, metallics or even woven leather. You’ll be utterly spoilt for choice.

DIY Design

If you haven’t considered stenciling, now is the time, because as an interior decorating idea, it’s really moved on. Aim for high quality designs and materials, and if in doubt, call in the professionals. Done well, stencil designs can look absolutely amazing, and the assortment of patterns on offer will defy belief. For a completely individual look, keep this option high on your list.

Light Fantastic

With a little more work, a glass feature wall can work to lighten and brighten your space. Glass bricks, blocks and tiles are widely available in a range of colours, enabling you to create a very personal look. For the really daring, it’s possible to design a wall made entirely from architecturally designed decorative glass panels. Undeniably extravagant, this is definitely a job for only the hardened (and possibly rich) interior decorator!

However small or large your budget, you’ll be certain to hit upon an idea to suit your home. The most creative options need not cost the most, and sometimes a coat of paint will provide the most gorgeous look. Armed with style ideas like these and a good measure of imagination, you’ll easily create a fabulous feature of your own.