How to Create a Contemporary Kitchen

Transforming your cluttered kitchen into a modern miracle is not as difficult as you might think. With a little hard work, imagination and a budget as big or small as you make it, you might decide you don’t mind being stuck in the kitchen, after all.

Colour Crazy

The contemporary look does not limit you to certain colours, so have fun and choose those that inspire you. To avoid morning migraines, stick to three colours as a maximum, with one dominant shade throughout. Your third colour should be used as an accent, so think on a small scale and choose this colour for accessories and finishing touches.

Material Matters

In a contemporary kitchen, sleek, super-smooth clean lines are the order of the day. Reflective, glossy surfaces like glass and dark wood will provide an opulent, streamlined style that bounces light around the room and immediately gives that ‘now’ look. Try a coloured glass splashback for a real wow-factor. Hard flooring will complement your kitchen design, so rip up that old lino and investigate some more modern options.

Floor Fun

Contemporary kitchen flooring does not have to cost the earth. If you love the stylish look of ceramic tiles but your budget won’t stretch, why not opt for vinyl flooring? The best are of such a high design quality that you’ll struggle to tell that your floor’s not the real thing. Laminate, too is a great idea if you need an alternative to wood. Easy to lay, durable and great looking, laminate will not disappoint, and it won’t warp like real wood. For something completely different, concrete can be polished and coloured to make a luxurious look that will withstand the test of time.

Stylish Storage

Clutter is the enemy of the contemporary kitchen design, so banish your bits and bobs with some fantastic storage solutions. Today’s kitchens show off your style, not your stuff. Look for innovative corner cupboard storage racks and multiple shelving systems to hide a multitude of sins from view. Cutting edge built in appliances will add to your streamlined look, allowing the eye to flow effortlessly around the room, landing only on only what you want your guests to see.

Lighten Up

Clever lighting will really bring your kitchen to life, showing off units and display cupboards perfectly. Fitting recessed lighting beneath cupboards will bring out the colour and shine of work surfaces, and you can choose to make a real statement with illuminated shelving, or plinth lighting. It’s worth spending money on high quality lighting, but if you’ve blown your budget there are some fantastic choices at the cheaper end of the scale.

Making your kitchen into a high tech talking point offers great opportunity for a stunning individual look. With colours and textures brighter and more available than ever, now is a great time to think about updating the hub of your home. Whatever shape or size your kitchen, and however much or little you have to spend, a little research will go a very long way.