How to Create a Boudoir-Style Bedroom

At the end of a long day, your bedroom should be a restful haven, soothing away worries and stress and settling you for a peaceful night’s sleep. So why is it that so often our bedrooms are often bursting at the seams with clutter, becoming little more than an amalgamation of every other room? Empty coffee mugs, mobile phones, laundry, a TV – is it any wonder many of us sleep and romance poorly. If that rings bells with you, why not inject a little style into your bedroom with the romance, passion and luxury of the boudoir.

Purple Haze

A boudoir bedroom brings to mind opulent, rich decoration, and colours of purples and sensual pinks. While it’s true that the boudoir style is probably not one for the boys, for ladies of all ages it spells femininity, luxury and flamboyance. Adding in gold colours, beads and glass will bring a touch of mystery and extravagance, perfect for capturing that sensual, sumptuous look.

Material Girl

Boudoir bedroom decoration beckons an array of different textures and finishes, conjuring a bohemian, romantic style. Think differently coloured cushions haphazardly piled, and a jumble of pillows dressing the bed, inviting you to collapse in among them and leave your cares at the door. Fabric rules need not apply here, if it feels luxurious to the touch, it’s the perfect boudoir material. Mix your fabrics up – rich, heavy materials will give a feeling of sensuality and heat, while floaty organzas and silks will add an air of mystery and glamour. Put simply, be free and personal with your decoration. The boudoir look embraces textures of many types, so experiment, taking your inspiration from the hot summer nights of your favourite holidays.

Dress to Impress

Colours and fabrics duly adorned, it’s time to turn your attention to furniture and accessories. You may style your boudoir in a Moroccan theme, in which case you might seek out elegant pieces made from dark wood to enhance the richness of your colours and fabrics. If you have a feel for France, why not embrace Parisian decoration with a chaise longue and curvy, ornate pieces in wood or wrought iron. Antiques shops are great places to hunt down such items – think vintage for a really individual style. In the boudoir, accessories should reflect the magnificence of their surroundings. An antique mirror will open the room up, and items in coloured glass will look fantastic when contrasted with your luxurious flowing fabrics. Beaded trinkets beg to be touched, and a stylishly overflowing chest of drawers hints at hidden mystery and pleasure. If you would rather not replace furniture, why not customise it? Easy ways to bring your boudoir look to existing pieces include exchanging door or drawer knobs for glass alternatives, or artfully draping a beautiful length of silk over a chair.

Play Time

Don’t let modern life ruin your hard work. Confine all traces of practicality to a drawer, leaving only your most glamorous lotions and potions on display. Remove the television and evict mobile technology from the boudoir altogether – this room is all about you and your loved one, relaxing together and banishing all distraction. Finishing touches in place and velvet slippers at the ready, close the door behind you and enjoy a little of life’s luxury in your own special way.