How to Create a Beautiful Nursery

Bringing your baby home for the very first time is a unique experience, and you will want to give your little one an equally special space to spend those first formative years.

When it’s time to start decorating, spend a small fortune, or create your nursery’s look for less – whatever your budget or style, there are lots of easy ways that you can create the perfect nursery design.

Family Planning

It’s likely that your baby’s room is the smallest in your home, and while a newborn will comfortably fit into a tiny corner, without careful planning, all your associated supplies will soon threaten to clutter the room. Vertical storage is the perfect solution for a small space, and will prevent shelving from creeping around all four walls.

Fitting adjustable shelves will allow you to adapt storage space as requirements change, and as your baby grows and acquires more necessary items. Drawer space too will help to contain mess, and look for multipurpose items, such as changing tables and cots with built in storage. <#59#>John Lewis<#> stock a great range of cots.

Colouring Book

Away from the traditional blue for a boy and pink for a girl, for a serene colour scheme, think calm hues in light shades to create a tranquil, comforting space.

Babies are said to cry more in a yellow room – a theory worth considering when decorating! Instead, think blues, greens and purples to encourage restful sleep and peace of mind, something that will benefit both you and your baby. If you prefer to make a bold splash with colour in your nursery, don’t be afraid to do so, your baby’s mind will be stimulated by the contrast between light and dark.

Add or take away pattern and colour using soft furnishings and, as your child grows in character, work with fun adhesive prints and patterns to inspire an ever-developing young mind.

Baby Steps

If space is at a premium in your nursery, keep flooring light, and consider vinyl or laminate as an easy-clean option, topped with a soft rug for added comfort and play.

Whatever your choice, ensure the surface is non-slip, and take care with placing rugs so that no-one, big or small, will trip. Investigate stimulating rug designs, such as those with built-in play features to help keep your baby interested, and therefore still!

A Room with a View

Your baby’s cot will be the centrepiece of the nursery, and designer options, while undeniably beautifully made, are imitated many times over on the high street, in neutral or bright, cheerful shades to suit any colour scheme. Look for cots with storage built in beneath and, looking to the future, explore those that can easily be converted to suit your baby’s ever-growing size.

Conversion cots are widely available, with clever features including adjustable mattress heights. Where bedding is concerned, remember it will be forever on and off the washing line, so spend on soft furnishings instead to add interest to the room.

Sitting Pretty

For those long nights when your baby requires frequent attention, you will be eternally grateful for a comfortable, adult-sized place to sit. Sleep deprived but happy, a cosy chair may well be your best friend in those early days, soothing and calming both you and baby. One that rocks or swivels will make your life a little easier!

However you plan to decorate your baby’s nursery, make sure you choose a safe, comfortable style that you love, and enjoy every minute of its creation. It won’t be long until you arrive home with that very special finishing touch.