Installing an Extractor Fan in Your Bathroom

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Installing an extractor fan in a bathroom is an excellent way of reducing condensation, which leads to damp problems. Damp can leave marks on the wall which painting over won’t hide, it can encourage mould growth or at worst lead to plaster becoming permanently damaged. In a modern home, or [...]

Lagging Pipes and Other Insulation

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Many people only think of loft insulation when we talk about insulating homes. And there's a lot of that talk about, with rising fuel prices and a growing awareness of ecological issues. But insulating your home shouldn't stop with loft insulation, lagging pipes should be the next port of call [...]

Cleaning Gutters and Drainpipes

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Cleaning your gutters and drainpipes is a useful habit to get into. Overflows can allow damp to enter your brickwork and damage the interior of your home. On this page we provide useful tips on how to clean your guttering and drainpipes effectively. The Guttering System The basic guttering system [...]

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