Green Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning Products

We’re all aware of the eco-friendly cleaning products now available at supermarkets, but one way to ensure you’re going green with meaning is to look closer to home. Before harsh chemical cleaning came natural neatness. Take your inspiration from our glance at kitchen and bathroom cleaning the old fashioned way.

Fighting Limescale

Limescale from hard water deposits doesn’t only look horrible, taking the shine off taps and sinks, but it can also cause costly permanent damage, silently clogging up appliances over time. Happily there’s a very cheap solution. White vinegar helps to dissolve even the most stubborn limescale, and with continued use it will prevent build up. Shift stubborn stains by soaking kitchen paper towel in the vinegar and wrapping it around taps, and shower heads. Boiling some in your kettle will lift away deposits, just make sure you give it a good rinse afterwards!

Fridge Freshener

Bicarbonate of soda makes a great chemical-free fridge cleaner. Not only will its mild abrasive action lift off any stains, but its odour-absorbing properties will help to address any nasty niffs. Once clean, a container full of bicarbonate of soda placed inside your fridge will also prevent strong odours from contaminating other foods.

Love your Loo

A great, natural way to clean your toilet is with a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice. Simply spray the liquid around the toilet bowl to fizz away everyday stains. Borax will help to tackle more stubborn marks, so if you’ve got time to leave it to work, a paste made with borax and lemon juice will get to work while you move on to another room.

Surface Work

Dark coloured work surfaces can show up water marks left behind after splashes and spills. To remove, splash on some undiluted lemon juice and watch the natural acids dissolve the water stain clean away.

Pots and Pans

You can rely on bicarbonate of soda, again, to clean your pots and pans. To remove stubborn stains, boil it up with water before cleaning as usual. Burnt on food will be lifted off and away by the effervescent action of the bicarb, and you’ll save yourself unnecessary scrubbing.

Mirror, Mirror

Remove evidence of enthusiastic tooth cleaning (and worse!) from your bathroom mirror with a quick spray of white vinegar. Kitchen and bathroom windows will also be streak-free and shiny again in no time with this easy and traditional treatment to cut through grease and grime.

Everyday Spray

To put the sparkle back into kitchen and bathroom surfaces and remove everyday dirt, a spray of lemon juice is just the trick. Soap scum and grease is easily dissolved and you can keep a batch of lemon juice in a clearly labelled bottle for everyday use.

Environmental issues aside, making your own cleaning products will save you money, and we can all be thankful for that. If you’ve ever sprayed a proprietary cleaner and had to leave the room in a coughing fit, you’ll also appreciate the gentler nature of homemade cleaners, kinder on allergies and skin.