Great Living Room Seating Ideas

If you are thinking of refreshing the living room in your home why not include a seating upgrade in your plans? A great place to begin creating a new look, modern living room seating is flexible and multipurpose. If your sofa’s so over, take a look at these alternative ideas and start to track down a style to suit you.

Three-piece Thrills

With modern living spaces getting smaller, for many households the three-piece suite is no longer a desirable option, but don’t count out this traditional idea if it’s what you’d really like. If you haven’t shopped for living room seating for some years you’ll be surprised at the many new variations on this theme made to fit smaller and quirkier spaces. Think corner arrangements and small-scale sofas, and for those really short on space, explore options with built in storage to cut down on clutter.

Mix and Match

Great looking living room seating doesn’t necessarily mean matching colours and prints. It’s easy to achieve a fantastic look using individual chairs rather than the traditional sofa. Today’s furniture designers recognise our desire and need for flexibility in the home and have responded with some great options made to be both stylish and functional. Using individual seating you can create a much more interesting and unique living room look, and it’s easier to plan for extra guests and entertaining.

Be Prepared

If you often have overnight guests, particularly the type that don’t give you a lot of time to plan, multipurpose living room seating is the ideal solution. Sofabeds and futons can put function before form and comfort, so why not consider bringing a daybed into your furnishing scheme? These are easily adaptable and they don’t take up a lot of space. A stylish addition to a living room, you can make your daybed work even harder by opting for a design with built in drawers where you can stow away a mattress and pillows.

Make a Splash

Pouffes and stools are a good way to add colour and texture to your living room seating, enhancing rather than dominating your design. Easy to hide away if you need floor space, these versatile additions make the perfect stylish perch. If you like a little luxury, handmade Moroccan leather pouffes, available in a huge range of bright or muted colours, bring a real touch of opulence to a living room and provide a comfortable and easily portable colour scheme accent.

Second Coming

Sometimes it’s not the seating itself you need to change to create a new look, but the colour or fabric. Don’t discount reupholstering existing furniture, especially if has plenty of life left. If you are buying new, why not choose versatile pieces with removable slipcovers? Aside from being much easier to clean than fixed cover seating, you’ll be buying at least a couple of different living room seating looks.

Most of us rarely invest in new living room seating, and with household demands changing all the time, the chances are you’ll be surprised and impressed by the vast array of fabulous contemporary designs now available.