Solid Bases for Posts in the Garden

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In all sorts of garden-based DIY one of the key jobs that needs to be done again and again is to secure posts into the ground. Whether it’s for fencing, individual items like birdhouses or larger wooden structures like decking or pergolas, having a solid base for the supporting posts [...]

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Making a Garden Pond

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Although many families with small children understandably don't want a pond in their garden, they are regaining popularity. A lot of this comes from ecological awareness, driving people toward bog gardens and ponds as havens for smaller reptiles and aquatic insects. Basic DIY Ponds As this site is about basic [...]

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Erecting a Shed

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Sheds are popular additions to gardens and putting them up shouldn't be too difficult, providing manufacturers' instructions are followed. Most DIY stores and garden centres will have a good selection of sheds and summer houses to look at. The most important part of the process is to make sure the [...]

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