Replacing Sash Cords and Weights

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Sash windows were very popular from Georgian to Edwardian times and are still made today, although more often to replace existing ones than to go into new houses. Although no other window style looks right in these houses, all to often they are replaced with UPVc imitations which are better [...]

Repairing and Repainting Sash Windows

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Sash windows first began to be used in the United Kingdom towards the end of the 1600s and are still being used today, although modern ones will be double-glazed and will be harder to repair. Although sash windows look mysterious they are in fact quite simple in construction and once [...]

Replace or Repair Damaged Windows

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Repairing windows and doors doesn't have to be a job for the specialist. Glass and frame repairs are possible on wooden framed windows but realistically only with single glazing, not double glazed windows. Aluminium and PVCu double glazing window and door replacement or repair is probably best left to the [...]

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