Odd Sized Screws and Screwdrivers

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It might be surprising to know that there are many more types of screws and screwdrivers than the classic slot head screw or the Phillips cross head screw. In fact, you would be amazed at how many different types of screws and screwdrivers are out there, although if you’ve ever [...]

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More Concrete Hints and Tips

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In our Simple Concrete Mixing article we gave the minimum details you need to start working with cement around the house and garden. In this article we'll be giving more information about different mixes and what they can be used for. In our beginners' article we kept the mix simple, [...]

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Tool Kit for Carpentry and Joinery

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There’s a massive difference between basic DIY and being adept at carpentry and joinery but that shouldn’t stop beginners getting a decent toolkit together and tackling simple woodwork jobs at home. It could be as simple as cutting wood to length for a shelf or as complex as boxing in [...]

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Which Screw to Use Where and Why?

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When you're starting out in DIY you are likely to think that the only thing you need to get right about a screw is the length, apart from that anything will do. But although you can get away with a lot, knowing how to choose the right screw for the [...]

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Drilling Wood and Other Materials

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Welcome to our guide to drilling holes in wood, metal and other materials that you will commonly encounter during DIY jobs. We will assume that you are using a power drill and that you have a range of drill bits for use with wood and metal. The Right Drill Bit [...]

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Basics of Surface Preparation

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In all aspects of DIY the quality of the final finish will always depend on the amount of preparation that you do. This is no less true with surface preparation before painting or wallpapering. As this site tends toward basic DIY we'll cover just the preparation needed before painting and [...]

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Marking Up and Measuring

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There's an old adage used by craftsmen: "measure twice, cut once" and it's good advice for beginners too. To cut, drill and generally make things fit together there are a number of marking and measuring techniques that will help you to make fewer mistakes, saving time and money. The Basic [...]

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Care of Decorating Tools

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Decorating tools, as opposed to more general DIY tools, are beginning to become more disposable, but good quality tools can be made to last a lifetime if they are looked after. By decorating tools we're thinking of paint brushes, rollers and trays, kettle, wallpapering brushes, that sort of thing. The [...]

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Putting Together a Basic Toolkit for DIY

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So you've moved into your first home and things aren't quite right. No problem, just a bit of paint here, some wallpaper there, maybe a few shelves. But if you haven't done any of that before then you're unlikely to have the tools, so your first job will be putting [...]

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