Designing a Galley Kitchen

Taking its name from the layout of a traditional ship’s kitchen, a galley kitchen is narrow with units along one side or sometimes both. This is a design found commonly in smaller homes where practical space is at a premium, but as we will show you, size does not always mean compromise.

Spaced Out

One of the benefits of a galley kitchen is that all your appliances and units are within easy reach. If you don’t have much room to move it’s important to design your space so that you won’t need to dash around too much from oven to sink, and cupboard to cupboard. Planning a galley kitchen from scratch enables you to place features and fittings logically, making maximum use of floor space.

Clean Living

The small, narrow design of a galley kitchen means that without some careful consideration it will look simply cramped and busy. When choosing units opt for clean lines with minimal features that are in keeping with the size of the room. Steer clear of tall wall units to avoid that ‘walls closing in’ feeling and try to keep the area at eye level as clear as possible. If you need to use it for storage space fit shelves rather than cupboards to create the impression of openness.

Finishing Touch

Any narrow room will benefit from a few tricks to help widen and open out the space. Give some thought to the finish of your chosen units and observe how a shinier, glossier surface bounces light around and seems to create space and depth. Kitchen fittings are available in a huge range of colours and materials these days, so if it’s been a while since you took on a project like this, familiarise yourself with the new options open to you!

Cover Up

It goes without saying that less is more in a galley kitchen, so integrated appliances are definitely a great option. By tucking away your washing machine, fridge and dishwasher you’ll create the illusion of space and allow your gaze to flow smoothly around the room.

Foot Work

The right flooring can be a great way to add width to a galley kitchen, providing you lay it from one side to the other. In keeping with the units, a light colour with a light-reflecting finish like ceramic or vinyl will also help to brighten and enlarge the room.

Clean and Clear

Clutter is the enemy of any small space, and this is certainly true of a galley kitchen. When space is at a premium the last thing you need is to be constantly moving things out of the way to make room to work. Explore some clever storage options like multilayer drawers or rotating racks – there are some very intelligent systems on offer for the smaller kitchen.

With the right detailing a galley kitchen can look chic and stylish and need not lack any modcons. It may be a challenging space to design, but with a few tricks and tips you can brighten, lighten and widen your kitchen into something truly galley-gorgeous.