Painting Walls With Textured Paints and Emulsions

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Painting walls with emulsion or textured paint is straightforward if a little messy. With a roller, tray, brush and paint you can easily paint an ordinary sized room in half a day, perhaps longer if you need to apply more than one coat. Preparation for Painting Make sure you follow [...]

Removing a Radiator: Do I Drain the Whole System?

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The answer to this is yes and no -- but it's all good news – yes you don't have to drain the whole central heating system but no you don’t even have to connect the two pipes together. By closing the valves at both ends you can drain the water [...]

Which Paint to Use for Exterior of House?

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There are two problems here, the first being how to remove the old paint and the second what to replace it with. Before going down those routes however we would strongly advise checking with the planning office, if you haven't already done so, as to whether having a painted finish [...]

How do you Fit a Belt on a Tumble Dryer?

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Tumble Dryers are relatively simple pieces of equipment, at least compared to their compatriots, washing machines. Despite that inherent simplicity, replacing the belt on a tumble dryer can be a real pain in the neck. This is because the drum takes up so much room in the casing that it's [...]

Why are Half my Radiators Cold?

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You've taken the right step by bleeding the radiators first; it's almost always air in the system when radiators aren't heating up properly. There are two other possible reasons for your radiators not to heat up, balancing or a pump failure, and the second is the most likely. Balancing Radiators [...]

What Components are in a Plug Socket?

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To answer your last question first, there are no fuses in a normal plug socket. Fused Sockets There are some special fused sockets that DO have fuses but they look different to an ordinary 13amp socket. They will have a rectangular cover in the socket faceplate which holds the fuse [...]

Preparing the Surface for Painting

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Paintwork creates the final look and personality of your home so it’s worth taking your time to prepare surfaces properly. Read on for tips on how to prepare ceilings walls and other types of surfaces for a professional paint job. Preparing Walls Plenty of preparation will be needed if a [...]

Painting the Exterior of Your House

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Painting the exterior of your home as a DIYer can be a daunting task especially if you are tackling a large surface. But don’t worry if you follow our guidelines below you can achieve excellent results. Advice on Buying Paint Consider carefully the type of paint you need for every [...]

Choosing the Right Paint for Purpose

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A bewildering number of varieties of household paints are available these days from an ever increasing number of brands. To make things easy for you on this page, we list the common types of paints and their popular uses. Remember, taking the time to select the best type of paint [...]

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