Decorating a Temporary Home

If you’ve rented your home your landlord might have placed restrictions on how you can decorate (if at all), or maybe you’re just not keen to spend time, money and effort on jazzing up someone else’s property! Either way, there are things you can do to bring your own style to a sparse space.

Furnishing Fun

Moving into an unfurnished property means you can be more flexible with your decorating. With your own furniture in place you’re halfway to making the place feel like home. If you have nothing to bring with you, this is a great chance to go shopping, but remember that what might look great in your current space might not look so good in your next property. Save serious spending for your permanent home.

Style Sins

A furnished property can be a godsend if you have nothing of your own, but if your landlord’s idea of style differs from yours it can be difficult to feel at home. Look for slip covers or throws to cover unsightly chairs, and in the bedroom, buy your own soft furnishings to put your stamp on the place. Bringing in your favourite colours and textures will make a great impact and inject life into a bland space.

Stick and Mix

Thanks to some clever designers it’s now possible to find great temporary wall art to brighten up your temporary home. If painting and wall papering is off the agenda, why not explore this option and let your creativity run wild. Adhesive wall art is widely available and bang on trend, transforming even the dullest space for as short a time as you wish. When you move, simply peel off and go!


Don’t underestimate the great impact that accessories will make on a plain room. This is a fabulous opportunity to create a colour scheme or a theme exactly to your liking. Whatever your budget or style, you can even pick up gorgeous pieces from supermarkets – ideal if you’re watching your wallet. Whether you live out in the sticks, or on the side of the South Circular, bringing the outside in with fresh flowers will really help to make a house feel like a home.

Pet Subjects

One of the things tenants often miss most is the joy a pet brings to a home. Most tenancy agreements forbid cats and dogs, but it’s always worth checking with your landlord to make sure. Sure, pet fur isn’t exactly interior decorating, but having an animal around the house can really make a home feel alive.

Photo Fit

Displaying a collection of photos makes a very personal addition to your home, and can create a real talking point. Try mounting your memories on a foam board and fix to a wall using temporary adhesive. By mounting the photos first you’ll avoid marking the wall and create a stylish and unique way to present them.

Renting a property can feel very temporary, and it’s often difficult to feel settled. If that sounds like your situation, try to see the positive side. Renting is a great chance to live in different types of properties in areas where you may not be able to afford to purchase. Try before you buy!