Decorating to Sell Your Home

If you’re about to put your home up for sale you’ll already know that this is a tough time for the UK property market. Of course, houses are still selling, but these days, if you want to bag a buyer you’ll need to give your home that show home ‘wow’ factor. You’re not going to want to spend a lot of money on a property you’ve fallen out of love with, so our straightforward tips focus on elbow grease rather than economics.

A Tidy Mind

It’s obvious to say you’ll need to de-clutter your home ready for viewings, but don’t think you can just shove everything inside a cupboard or loft space. Potential buyers will want to look in there, too! Instead why not see if friends or family can help you accommodate anything that doesn’t easily fit with the show home look you seek to create? Also think of this as a good time to streamline your possessions before the big move, and avoid taking unwanted or unused items to your new home.

A Fresh Look

Sometimes we get so used to our homes that we seem to stop seeing them as others do. You might not notice your threadbare stair carpet these days, but someone new to your home will probably single it out immediately. Ask a friend to give you an honest appraisal of your property, inside and out. There are lots of ways to patch up faults you can’t afford to rectify, and most imperfections will be easily remedied with a little light DIY.

Scrub Up

Deep cleaning your home is the quickest way to restore that show home quality it once had. Turn your attention to limescale in your kitchen and bathroom and any stains on carpets or furniture. Kitchen appliances, sinks, baths and showers all show signs of wear and tear very easily, as do floors and walls. A wall you might think needs painting might just need a simple wash down, saving you a job. Get rid of all dust and dirt, and clean your windows, too, so that light can flood into your home. Don’t forget about your garden and the exterior of your home – these will be the first spaces potential buyers see.

Brush Up

Inevitably there will be some cosmetic damage that cleaning cannot rectify, so in these cases it makes sense to spend a small amount of money on a refresh. Painting is an inexpensive way to lighten and brighten your home and give it a wider appeal. Neutral colours will give visitors a chance to see the property as a blank canvas on to which they can cast their own ideas, not yours.

Sensory Perception

Finally, turn your house into a home and appeal to potential buyers’ senses. Fresh, fragrant flowers, baking or potpourri will create an inviting aroma, while carefully chosen display items and coffee table reading will hint at a lifestyle your visitors will themselves want to live. No-one can tell how long your home will take to sell, but these ideas will ensure you enjoy while it’s still all yours.