Crafty Interiors Ideas to Beat the Recession

With the UK economy in something of a meltdown even the highest paid homeowners will be cutting back on those little finishing touches that make a house a home. Any benefit gained from falling mortgage payments is likely to be swallowed up elsewhere, so now is a good time to get creative with some crafty ways to add style to your pad.

Shopping List

Craft has become big business in recent years and it’s easy to track down the raw materials for creative projects. As well as standalone craft shops, departments store haberdashery sections will furnish you with many a beautiful piece.

Whether you’re making a picture frame or jazzing up a plain cushion cover, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Look around your home too – unwanted items can become a great source of materials.

But is it Art?

Collage is an age old craft that can have amazing results. Creating a collage for a feature wall is a great project, and requires few materials. Once you’ve decided on a shape for your collage, simply get to work using old magazines, papers and any similar pieces that catch your eye. You’ll create a fantastic talking point and a really individual look for any room of the house.

Mosaic Magic

Mosaic tiles bring style to the most ordinary objects. Take a plain vase or house plant pot and create a real one-off using nothing more than some adhesive and grout. Projects like these are perfect for the beginner, and afford a good opportunity for your imagination to go wild. Unwanted drinking glasses make the ideal blank canvas, turning junk into a beautiful vase or utensil container.

Beady Eyes

Inexpensive altar candles can make a beautiful feature inside an ornamental fireplace or as a table decoration. Left plain their cream or white colours could look quite bland, but there are some easy ways to add a little spark. Along with mosaic work, beading is perfect for newcomers to craft, being simple but extremely effective. Use tiny glass beads and decorative wire to make rings to slip over the candles for a stunning Middle Eastern feel, or change the look with a totally different style of your choosing. This is a great way to make your own napkin rings, too.

Paint by Numbers

Glass paint is a versatile addition to your craft collection, transforming everyday objects into eye catching, light reflecting pieces. Cheap glass tea light holders look fantastic when painted and grouped together on a table or window sill. Once you’ve got the hang of glass painting you can turn your attention to mirrors and photo frames, graduating to more elaborate projects.

It’s easy to pigeon-hole craft as something that only lace-bedecked old ladies enjoy, but don’t be put off. Not only will craft enable you to put your own style stamp on your home, but you’ll also be creating pieces that look chic and expensive. What begins as a recession-busting hobby might even turn into a secondary source of income – what better way to put some sparkle into economic gloom.