Some Cool Bathroom Accessories and Gadgets

Once the bathroom suite has been installed and the decor finished, it’s time to have fun with all the gadgets and accessories that can fit out a bathroom for modern life.

Mirror Mirror on the Bathroom Wall

Mirror and light combinations are on the market with a number of really cool designs that mean you get light right where you want it. Many of them come with heated elements so that they demist too, how funky is that? No more wiping the steam off the mirror every morning.

For comfort in the bath, there are cushions, in a variety of shapes, colours and materials, that you can use to help you lie back and relax in the bath. At the same time you can fill a bubble bath machine with your favourite bubble solution. Switch it on and just watch it produce millions of aromatic bubbles for you. No more pesky mixing by hand.

Funky Light Show

Another cool gadget turns your running water into a light show. Yes, this accessory has a built in LED, fits on the end of the tap and instantly colours the jet of water as it comes out of the tap.

Presumably to avoid charges that it’s just a funky addition to your crazy parties, it is designed to light the water blue if it is cold and red as it becomes hotter. This makes it a safety conscious bathroom accessory, not just something completely frivolous.

Entertaining Accessories in the Bathroom

For those who like to start the day with a bit of music, or perhaps the news, there are plenty of splashproof radios on the market. But the bar has been raised recently because of the modern obsession with MP3 players and other devices that blur the lines between computing and broadcasting.

You can now get cool wireless splashproof speaker systems so that your MP3 player can stay safely out of harms way in the bedroom. They often come with FM radios, for days when you want to plug into the news, and clocks too, so you know how late your bath is making you.

How about a funky flat screen television built into a tiled wall at the end of the bath? First seen in hotels, these units are now available on the high street but prices are still on the high side. But don’t forget, that includes the waterproof remote too.

The Modern Gadget for Every Bathroom

But the last word just has to go to the Lav Nav. Designed to solve that everyday (or night) problem of finding the toilet in the dark, this must-have accessory is a light that sticks to your toilet and comes on when motion is detected, i.e. when you stagger into the bathroom.

But it doesn’t stop there. The soft light comes on two different colours, green if the seat has been left down, and red if the seat is up. So it’s a useful tool in those all too common arguments between the sexes as to whether or not the seat should be left up or down. With this gadget, it no longer matters.