Some Cool Bathroom Accessories and Gadgets

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Once the bathroom suite has been installed and the decor finished, it's time to have fun with all the gadgets and accessories that can fit out a bathroom for modern life. Mirror Mirror on the Bathroom Wall Mirror and light combinations are on the market with a number of really [...]

Bathroom Wall Options: Tiles, Paint, Wallpaper?

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Decorating options for bathroom walls differ from those for the rest of the house as they have to deal with excess moisture. This comes from steam, and the resulting condensation, as well as splashing from basins, baths and showers, which is why tiles are so popular. But tiles don't have [...]

Water Conservation Ideas for the Bathroom

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With the current focus on global warming and the need to be careful about the planet's resources it's not surprising that water conservation is back on the agenda. Water Conservation First Hits the News It was back in the severe droughts of the 1970s that the idea of water conservation [...]

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