Bathroom Colour Schemes

The fun thing about bathroom colour schemes is that there’s no right and wrong way to go. Whereas certain rooms in your home suit some colours more than others, the bathroom is a space where you can entirely suit yourself. Whether you’re decorating for function, form or a mixture of both, our guide to bathroom colour schemes will help you to pick your perfect palette.

Big and Bold

If you want to create a splash in your bathroom why not work with some bright, bold colours to energise and spring you into every new day. Simply pick your favourite colours and let your imagination guide you. Sticking to two or three colours is a good idea, and you can balance your brights with white fittings.

Nature’s Way

A big trend for bathroom colour schemes today is the natural look, inspired by the colours and materials of Mother Nature. Think greens, creams and earthy shades to create a neutral and calming environment. This style can be finished beautifully with complementing accessories, like woven baskets and wooden containers or dispensers. If you need easing into your working day, this is a great scheme for you.

Mother Earth

There are some fantastic stone-toned colours available for bathrooms which can be another excellent way of bringing the outside indoors. These colours represent tranquillity and are easily accessorised with a range of excellent pieces readily available on the high street. Blending these colours with strong darker shades, for example granite surfaces, can have a dramatic impact and lift the neutrality of paler tones.

Wood You?

Why not hark back to bygone days with a rich mahogany colour scheme? Fitting units made from dark wood interspersed with whites and creams will create a grand, luxurious look just made for long, lazy bathing. Add finishing touches in gold colours to complete this classic style – taps, mirrors and light fittings all have a part to play. If you like to pamper and be pampered in your bathroom, this is a great look to create.

Moody Blues

Probably due to its long association with water, blue remains one of the most popular colours for bathrooms. A blue bathroom colour scheme will soothe and calm you, even if the blues you choose are bright or dark in tone. Create your very own spa retreat with a blue bathroom, or mix with whites for a stunning nautically themed space. You can have some real fun with a look like this – track down old fashioned postcards to bring a little bit of the Victorian seaside into your home.

When all’s said and done, the colour of your bathroom should be dictated by the way you feel about the space and what you want from it. If you simply want to get in and out, a crisp white colour scheme will encourage efficiency, while those of you who love to linger longer should decorate with colours that you like to have around you. Where bathroom colour schemes are concerned, it’s all about you.