DIYBasics was formed to offer a unique reference point on repairing, fixing and making things around the home.

On DIYBasics you will find no-nonsense step by step advice on how to do simple jobs around the home. We also tackle some of the not so simple jobs, but by laying it out in a clear manner we make it possible for the novice DIY person to graduate to more complex tasks.

The United Kingdom has always been a land where people are proud to work on their own homes and it can save a great deal of money too. Having the skill to resolve household problems gives you the satisfaction that you can sort out your own problems in an emergency rather than waiting until you can get hold of an electrician, plumber or other professional.

DIYBasics is laid is out in separate sections so that you can quickly go to the area that you need. Or, if you are embarking on a major project, you can work through the site section by section, building up a valuable store of DIY information that you can use as you go through your project.